Pros 和 Cons of Custom 办公椅

With the development of society 和 the evolution of the market, some consumers are no longer shopping for office chairs, but directly contact office chair manufacturers for door-to-door measurement 和 customization. Now, many office chair manufacturers also such a production mode – 定制办公椅.

The customization of office chairs are made according to the decoration, size 和 functions of the office to 配合整个办公室.


1. Two modes for office chair customization

When it comes to office chair customization, there are actually two modes.

Mode 1 Customize with clients’ design

—— clients provide design drawings, office chair manufacturers open a mold for production.

This customization mode is more expensive 和 takes a long time.

Mode 2 Customize with manufacturers’ design

——的 原始的产品 of office chair manufacturers, companies choose different fabrics, models, configurations, etc. to 定制办公椅.

This customization mode is basically to upgrade 和 modify the original product design of the manufacturer. The factory will be more familiar with the technological process, which can shorten the delivery cycle.

After underst和ing the model of customizing office chairs, now let’s talk about the advantages 和 disadvantages of 定制的办公椅.

2. Pros of 定制的办公椅

2.1 Reduce manufacturers’ inventory pressure

In the past, office chair manufacturers would prepare some stocks of conventional office chairs 每个月. 有时, a decrease in sales would increase the inventory pressure 和 reduce production tasks for factory workers.

然而, 自定义模型 of office chairs has changed this situation. The factory will first receive a deposit for production operations.

And the delivery 和 settlement can be completed soon. Therefore, with the office chair customization,  inventory is no longer under pressure, 和 workers can conduct the production tasks as normal.

2.2 A variety of choices for customers

客户可以 customize the office chairs 他们喜欢. The customization of office chairs is generally measured by professionals from the manufacturer. Several office chair materials are provided for customers to choose. And they can choose the environmentally friendly materials which are always the first choice for many customers.

2.3 More professional services for customers

The manufacturer needs to send professionals to measure 和 observe the entire office environment, 和 give some reference suggestions on the color of the office chair. The customers can choose the appropriate chair color to match the color of their own environment.

What’s more, the manufacturer will explain the configuration of office chairs to customers 和 provide them with detailed information on three configuration levels: low, 中等和高. The size is generally decided in accordance with industry st和ards to ensure the seat safety.


3.Cons of 定制的办公椅

3.1 The quantity is limited 和 returns are not allowed

The design of 定制的办公椅 has outst和ing individuality, which means that their market acceptance may not be high. So basically they will not over-produced. Besides, they are not suitable for other customers, returns are generally not allowed.

3.2 Longer production time

Customized office chairs must go through a long process — design, selecting, mold opening, injection molding processes 和 others. And that will result in a long production time, which is not suitable for customers who are in urgent need.


No matter which kind of production mode, it has its own advantages 和 disadvantages. When choosing an office chair, you should choose the right one according to your own needs.

虽然 定制的办公椅 有一些缺点, the advantages of custom products are that the conventional products cannot be compared. Custom office chairs are more prominent in individuality 和 can be more integrated with the entire office environment. And that has gradually become a trend.